What would you do if you knew you could not fail…..?

This evening I have been thinking about this question….

… I have reached the conclusion that if I could not fail, this is what I would do:

1. Write a book

I would give up work and write full time. I would spend my work days sitting in a cosy home office, wearing a big thick woolly scarf. I would be able to explore my imagination in my writing and would be successful so that I would no longer need to teach. I would spend my work days writing, eating apples in the style of my heroine Josephine March and drinking hot coffee and I would have a ready supply of sharp pencils on my desk, just in case.

2.Travel the world

I would love to travel to far off places that I have only read about in books and have adventures along the way. I would travel by train across Europe and beyond, stopping in towns and cities, exploring the sites and trying to take it all in. I would love to eat pizza in Italy, paella in Spain, pretzels in Poland and noodles in Vietnam. I would love to practice meditation in Bali, learn to surf in Australia, dance the tango in Argentina and roller skate by the beach in California. I want to go to the ballet in New York, go shopping in Hong Kong and stand beneath the Eiffel tower just looking up. I want to build a sandcastle on a deserted beach in the Maldives and ski on a bustling mountainside in Canada. If I knew I couldn’t fail- that my life and the lives of those I love would only be enriched by this experience and we had the ability to fund the trip we would be gone in a heartbeat.

What would your answer be to this question?…..


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