My favourite piece of writing ever…

I love to read inspirational quotes. It’s the main reason I love Pinterest and it is one of the things I especially love to do at the start of the day. Reading beautiful, thoughtful  words gives me a boost of energy and revives my soul. At any point in time, I usually have a current favourite quote. Words that come quickly to my mind at those more challenging times of the day. At the moment I am especially loving quotes that remind me of the potential I have to make changes in my life and to live every day more consciously, making mindful rather than mindless choices.

I was thinking this morning though about my all time favourite quote, the piece of text that I love more than any other. Here it is:

When I was about twelve I think, someone gave me a bookmark that looked similar to this image. I remember the impact that these beautiful words had on me then, because they still have the same impact now. They are guaranteed to bring me to tears because they remind me of something I know but sometimes forget. Whenever I read these words I am reminded of all the times I have been in a dark place and have asked in the depth of my heart for help, just to get through the next few minutes, hours or days.  

Whenever I have asked for help with all my heart it has been given to me. A sense of peace has gradually overtaken my bleak sadness, a feeling of conenectedness has taken over my feelings of loneliness and a calmness has restored me as I have been reminded that I am never alone. 

Some people might believe that words are just words. I believe though that words are magical. Words have the power to refresh us, to restore us to our self and to remind us of truths that we know but may temporarily have forgotten. 

‘When you see only one set of footprints it was then that I carried you.’ 


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