The courage to bounce back

This week our precious daughter Amy was turned down for a place at her preferred high school. While I was busy bemoaning the unfairness of the whole situation, Amy gave me a lesson in bouncing back. 

For months we have been talking about her going to this school, how everything will just fall into place, how she won’t need to go to the local school with the not so great reputation. I wasn’t home when she opened the rejection letter, but I heard later from my parents that she broke down in tears. When I heard the news I was angry, frustrated and confused and truthfully sank into a low mood that lasted until the next day. Until Amy and I spoke about it again and she started talking positively about that local school with the not so great reputation. 

While I had been grumpy and angry for a whole day about it and had been frustrated, cranky and unproductive, Amy had picked herself up and found a way to put a positive spin on her news. I was probably prouder of her in that moment that I have been at any other time. Our wise, thoughtful daughter, determined to look on the bright side. It got me thinking about how resilient children can be. When we moved here to the other side of the world, honestly I found lots of things pretty scary at first. I was nervous of talking to new people and everything seemed like such a challenge. Our girls adapted so much quicker, making friends, playing, enjoying their life. They showed me the way then and they continue to teach me valuable lessons about being brave and being strong every single day. 

I wonder when I became less brave, less resilient and more inclined to take things personally, to see the glass as a quarter empty rather than well over half full. 

This week, Amy reminded me what resilience is. Of the importance of bouncing back, of having courage when things don’t go as you hoped or prayed.  I believe that there is always a lesson to be learned in every setback, in every challenge that we face and this week, Amy prompted me to really look for it. She reminded me of the importance of bouncing back and remembering that everything happens for a reason. What will be will be – we have no control over so much of what happens to us in our life, but we can choose how we react to it. We can choose joy rather than frustration, happiness rather than bitterness and I am inspired by my Amy to do so. 



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