Actions speak louder than words

It is 4.14 am and I have been awake for more than 2 hours. I woke up with an anxious feeling for no immediately obvious reason and my mind was racing. After lying in bed for well over an hour getting more and more frustrated and stressed out about not being able to sleep, I decided to just get up out of bed and make myself a cup of tea. 

Trying to work out why I can’t sleep, I thought back through my Monday and  remembered that I didn’t have much to eat at all and what I did eat was basically sugary rubbish. I also realise now that I didn’t give myself any down time after we got home last night so my mind is still full of junk whirring around and around that I need to process and let go before I can be at peace.

Once again, in my rushing around, trying to do too much, I have neglected myself. How did I get through a whole day and realise that I didn’t really eat a proper meal or drink much water either for that matter? I need to start and make my own health more of a priority. I need to recognise that I am important and to ensure that my own needs are met before I rush around checking that everyone else is okay. 

On reflection – here is what I already know that I need to start to put into action…..

1. I need to start and eat breakfast – every single day

2. I need to make sure I take a decent lunch to work every day- not just the stuff I grab out of the cupboard as I am about to leave in the morning- I need real food to support my body and my mind for the whole day.

3. I need to drink more water so I’m not walking round in a state of mild dehydration. I get cross when my girls don’t drink enough and then I barely drink any water either….

4. I need to take time before I go to bed to let the events of the day go. I need to make the effort to consciously process what has happened, pray about it and then let it go.

I wonder how many other women treat themselves in this way? 

We dash around from place to place so intent on doing the best we can for our children that we neglect ourselves and in the process we teach our children a powerful and dangerous message. With our words we tell our children that they are special and precious but then forget that what we are demonstrating through our actions as we fail to take care of ourselves properly. 

I want my daughters to have positive self esteem, To grow up to be independent, strong women who know their own worth. I want to teach them that they should love and cherish themselves and that is why it is important that I start to make an effort everyday to love and cherish myself. I need to place value on my own health and well-being so that my children learn from my actions how precious and special their life is. 



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