Reflections and goals for 2016

We are three days into 2016 but now my ear infection has become rather less painful it is time to reflect on my year in 2015.

This year I continued to work hard to become more mindful and intentional, more open and more appreciative of my blessings. My goals for 2015 were based in two areas: finances and health. 

1. We started the year with a clear financial goal – to save up to go back to the UK for my sister’s wedding in July 2016 and we managed to achieve this goal although we still have some aspects of the trip to save up for. In terms of our finances probably the biggest success we had came when I set up a separate bills account and started transferring money to cover all fixed bills every fortnight when we get paid. I also took the advice of lots of financial experts and started to pay ourselves first and make regular transfers into our savings account as soon as our wages were paid. It’s amazing what a difference this made! In 2016 I want to carry on with this and continue to save to the same extent even once we return from the wedding with the long term goal that we could afford to buy our own home one day. 

2. In October I started to do yoga just for a few minutes every day. I am happy that I have managed to make this practice something of a habit – I don’t manage it every day but most days. Rich and I have continued to drink very little alcohol. I probably had less than 5 drinks all year and I am really proud of us for the improvements we have made in this area- it’s a big change from where we were a few short years ago. My knees are still sore so I can’t run but we bought a cross trainer in September which I have used a few times although I now need to try and use it enough that it becomes a habit. Eating wise I reverted to vegetarianism in May and have been much more adventurous about it this time and have tried lots of new recipes. In 2016 I want to continue with the positive improvements I have made in health and try to eat well nourish and really care for my body giving it the respect that it deserves. 

2015 was a sad year because we lost Grandad Kasmir. It still makes me so sad to know that Grandma and Grandad are now both gone from this earth but they continue to inspire me to want to be the best person I can be so I can do them proud. They always worked so hard and it makes me want to work hard too. I am going to use money I inherited from them to do the Educational Psychology course and follow my dream. I am determined to do well and ensure that they would be proud of me. 
My goals for 2016 are:

1. Finances: save at least $500 every payday, sell unused stuff, plan grocery shops

2. Health: continue practicing yoga, increase my range of vegetarian and family meal recipes, exercise regularly, limit alcohol

3. Work: teach to the best of my ability, be brave in the classroom and try new things

4. Study: complete my college work to the best of my ability, be organised

5. Family goals: patience and love. Be present, positive and fun. 

This final goal is of course the most important goal.



I decided to come up with a title for 2016 to sum up what I want it to be like and I decided on ‘ try your best then let it go’ because sometimes I get distracted by work, my projects or the anxious thoughts in my own head and it detracts from the time I have with the most special people in my life- my family. Taking on study for the coming year means there is a danger that my time with the family will suffer so I am setting the intention now that I will do my best at work, with study and with my other commitments and then when I am with my family I will ‘let it go’ so  I can give them my best. 

I also need to continue to relax and ‘let it go’ by not seeking to control that which is impossible to control.

So there it is, my reflections and goals moving forward into 2016. A new year is always filled with the hope and new possibilities and I am excited to see what this year will bring! 


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