Exercise goal- 10 minutes!

One of my goals for this year is to work on improving my overall health. I have been trying to eat more vegetables and drink more water- all the usual stuff! I also set the goal in January that I was going to do more excercise this year but to be honest I hadn’t really made much progress towards this goal….until this week.

Most of my excuses for not exercising usually hinge around my belief that I am too busy. I can’t fit exercise into my day. I have too much to do. I need to cross everything off my to-do list before I actually do something practical to take care of my own health. When I thought about it last week, I realised how stupid this sounded and that actually I was hiding behind the too busy excuse because I just didn’t have the motivation to exercise. Not really. I reflected on why this was and I decided that although I enjoy exercise, I often find myself getting a bit bored during my time on the cross trainer or doing my yoga videos because I don’t do anything physical for ages and then try to sustain an exercise session for probably too long.

This led me to set a new goal for myself in terms of exercise. Ten minutes every day. So far this has been much more manageable, far less daunting and therefore represents a more sustainable solution to my need to exercise. Every morning this week when I have crawled out of bed I have done my ten minutes. Then I have proudly written the time and activity in my diary to keep track. After a week, I now have 1 hour and 10 minutes recorded. This might not sound like much to people who spend hours and hours in the gym every week but it is a big improvement on nothing.

What I have found too is that starting my day with a small burst of exercise has given me the motivation to actually use the stairs at work, to walk more and to have a little stretch in the middle of the day. Taking care of your body makes you feel good and makes you want to take care of it some more! 

I will post again soon on how the ten minute plan is going…….⌚️



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