Social media squats…

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my morning routine. It has become automatic now for me to get up at 5:10 to have some quite time before everyone else wakes up. I love the quiet of the morning and I often do my best thinking when I am sitting under my fluffy purple blanket just waiting for the day to really start. I read, write in my journal, drink coffee and try to gather the energy to do my ten minute exercise block for the day.

One of the biggest time drains at this early hour though is Facebook. When I wake up here in New Zealand, it’s the opposite end of the day for my friends back home so it’s so tempting to scroll through my newsfeed and see what has been happening. That would be great I guess for a couple of minutes- after all keeping connected to others is great for our well being and levels of happiness. The problem, however, is that often ten minutes flies by in a blur and then I end up feeling as though I haven’t made the most of my special quiet time. That is why this week I have been trying to introduce a new healthy habit and I thought I would share it in case it could help anybody else!

When I am scrolling through Facebook first thing in the morning to see what the ‘big news’ of the day is- I stand up and do squats. Miraculously this has reduced the time I spend on this activity to around the two minute mark….because I hate squats.

I am hoping that this new habit will have two effects: 1. The time I spend mindlessly scrolling though Facebook will be naturally limited by my hatred of squats. 2. I will build up more muscle just by doing a few squats every day which fits in with my ‘little and often’ approach towards exercise!

Let me know if you try it or if you use any useful strategies yourself to manage your social media time ….


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