The Fun Project

Why I am trying to be more childish 

When was the last time you ran just because you were excited to get somewhere, pretended you were a superstar or went looking for tadpoles and frogs? 

I don’t know about you, but I know that before I became an adult and decided I had to act responsibly, I had much more fun. I was reminded of that yesterday when Lucy and I visited the Auckland Botanic Gardens. 

The Gardens is one of my favourite places to be. When I visit, I always feel happy and at peace and not just because it’s a beautiful place to spend time. I love it because I usually go with Lucy while Amy is at training and I get to see the world from her point of view.

She looks at the trees and imagines what animal they could turn into. She climbs on upended logs, crawls through tunnels, goes searching for creepy crawlies and smells as many flowers as she can. She runs on ahead to see what she can find, even though she has traveled down the same pathways many times and sees everything through her filter of curiosity, wonder and joy. 

I remember when I saw the world this way too, when every day was an adventure. When going for a walk wasn’t an exercise goal to tick off on a to-do list but meant exploring, seeing new things and sometimes walking backwards just because.  I am determined to try and see things this way again so I am planning on becoming more childish from now on. Here’s to more climbing, skipping, dancing and playing 😀


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