Today I am grateful for:

In an uncertain world there is nothing more certain than how great gratitude feels. Here is my list of 30 things I am grateful for at this very moment. Can you make your own list of 30? 

1. Family to love

2. Cuddles 

3. Friendship

4. Piping hot coffee

5. The weekend

6. Hot showers

7. My fluffy dressing gown and slippers

8. Toast

9. Prescription sunglasses

10. Chocolate

11. Fluffy towels

12 The car

13. Hair straighteners

14. Everybody loves Raymond DVD box set

15. Holidays coming soon

16. Skype to keep in touch with our family

17. Pens and paper

18. Fruit scented shower gel

19. Sports bras

20. Having time to write a gratitude list

21. Good health

22. Lip balm

23. My woolly hat and scarf collection

24. Toothpaste

25. The dehumidifier

26. Good health

27. A warm comfortable house to live in

28. Our little garden

29. Comfortable jeans

30. The tumble dryer 




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