Life in New Zealand, Reflecting

Why I love to be outside 

Today I want to share something very simple – the restorative power of fresh air and waves. Since we moved here, I have remembered how much I used to love being outside when I was a little girl and I have embraced it. I love running on sand, paddling in the sea, playing on swings and slides and climbing. I love the smell of the sea, the feeling of sand between my toes and the sounds of birds that make the coast their home.

Since I became an adult, I have often gravitated to the sea in difficult moments and I have found it incredibly therapeutic. When I was heartbroken as a teenager I ran to the beach and I often think about how when we found out we would lose our baby, Rich and I spent hours just watching the waves crash onto a very wintry Fleetwood beach. I think the constancy of the waves reassures me that in the end, peace will come and I love the beach on cold, biting rainy days just as much if not more than on hot days. To me, being by the sea is a spiritual experience whatever the weather. It reminds me how small I am and how great and alive the earth is. It fills me with gratitude and brings me peace even in my most difficult moments.

I feel very grateful to live somewhere as beautiful as Auckland and to be able to have adventures and explore new places. With so much open space around us and so many stunning places to visit, I know I am blessed but wherever you live, wherever you are right now, I want to encourage you to find the peace that comes from being outside in nature. Maybe your place is the beach too, maybe you feel most at peace in the woods or when you are surrounded by flowers or in the park. Whatever the weather, take some time to be outside today and just breathe.



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