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Celebrate your body!

My body is amazing and so is yours. Today I want to encourage you to celebrate your body for the incredible, beautiful thing that it is.

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It’s fair to say I have had some struggles with my body image over the years and if you want to, you can read about them here in A letter to my younger self…. and ‘A new you’. For a long time my body was my deepest source of shame. It was something that was broken, flawed and burdensome. I hated it. I couldn’t bear to look at myself and couldn’t imagine that anybody else would want to either. It has taken a long time for me to learn to see my body in a different way but now I recognize it for the incredible vessel that it is and would love you to see your body the same way!.

Our bodies are quite simply astounding and I challenge you right now to make a list of ten things that you love about your body. Think about what your body does for you – taking you from place to place, enabling you to see, hear, smell, taste and feel your environment. What are you most grateful for?

I started to see my body differently when I started to focus on what it does for me instead of how it looks. I have put my body through so much but it has not let me down. Despite all I have done to it, my body is still strong and it has given me two of the most precious gifts imaginable. I am blessed to be healthy – I am blessed to be able to move, to dance and to sing in my own unique off-key yet joyful way. My body allows me to savour my favourite foods, breathe in the fresh air, swim in the ocean and laugh. It is simply amazing and I challenge you to see your body the same way – as the most precious of treasures x


Have a lovely day!




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