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Shells on the beach 

When I was out walking on the beach, early last Sunday morning, I took this picture of the crunchy sea shells beneath my feet.  There are lots of reasons to love living near the sea and I am blessed to have always had a beach I can walk to. I find the sound of the rolling waves and the seagulls calling to each other, cleansing and uplifting. Whether I am sad or happy the beach is my sacred space as it  invariably restores my soul.

What I love most about the beach, is encapsulated in this picture. For as I crunch across this beautiful mass of broken shells, I always stop and think about how in this big world, I am just one tiny piece of shell. I am a tiny but unique part of a beautiful, complex whole and this is a thought that brings me great comfort. It reminds me to put my life in perspective and remember that just as I am living out my own unique story with its characteristic highs and lows, millions and millions of people are also doing the same, they have done the same through history and will navigate their unique life path in the future.

I am not more or less important that anybody else, we are all part of a beautiful, intricate, complex whole. As every tiny fragment of shell is unique and different and has been formed by the forces of nature, so have I and so have you. We are all the same, equally fragile and delicate, yet uniquely shaped. Recognising and remembering that I am part of something so much greater than just me, energises me and brings me peace so I encourage you to reflect on it too.

Wishing you a restful, peaceful weekend filled with what restores your soul.


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