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A new fitness routine

Trying to work my abs at the Lagoon

This week has been all about trying to establish a basic new fitness routine as in the past few years I have kind of let my fitness slide. Unbelievably I was able to run a half marathon less than three years ago but since then I have done very little by way of regular exercise even though I know how beneficial it is for my mental as well as physical health. I am one of those binge exercisers who does tons in short bursts and then very little for a long time and I am looking to rectify that by using a little but often approach to fitness.

I have managed to stick to the schedule Rich put together for me for 4 days so far which is encouraging and is an achievement for me so I am posting this news on here to hopefully make me accountable and encourage me to persevere.

In addition to the exercise plan I have in place, I have also been trying to get active during the day. After there was no space for the girls at indoor rock climbing, I made them walk to the summit of Mount Wellington and then the three of us walked round Panmure Lagoon and attempted some of the exercises on the route which was challenging and hilarious all at the same time. I think my laughing muscles got more of a workout than my abs and glutes but it was really fun!

If anyone has any advice about how to stick to an exercise routine, all advice would be gratefully received!



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