Why it is important to focus on you! 

One of my earliest memories was being told I would soon be a big sister and even at the age of 3, I was so excited to see what my new baby brother or sister would be like. There were so many surprises to look forward to- would it be a boy or a girl? What would the baby look like? What would the baby be like? After she arrived, I remember thinking to myself that now we knew the answers to all the questions and had stopped speculating, it was a bit sad but also exciting to think what she would grow up to be like when she was a bit older like me. I have always remembered very clearly that as I was thinking this, the realisation hit me that how I was going to grow up was also exciting but it was a fleeting moment and then I went back to focussing on my little sister.

As a mum, I am very conscious that my girls are growing up. It seemed as though they were little for so long but now every day they grow more independent and it is so exciting to see their development, to find what they are passionate about and to pursue goals that they have set for themselves. It is truely a blessing to watch them evolve into strong, resilient, capable young people.

For the past thirteen years I have been a mum, I have been tracking every move, watching my babies change and seeing them grow and it is just as exciting as when I watched my little sister change all those years ago. Every so often though, just as when I was not much more than a baby myself, I am reminded that I am growing too. I am changing a little every day and this is also a blessing and is exciting! I am braver now than I have ever been, more confident and more secure in who and what I am.

Life cannot and will not stand still so each day represents a new opportunity, a chance to do something differently and more mindfully. It is undoubtedly easier to focus on others than ourselves, to watch with amazement as our family and friends grow and evolve and not notice our own progress. I would like to encourage you today though, to reflect on how you are growing and changing and become more aware of your self and how much potential, light and joy you bring into the world.


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