Try your best then let it go 

The past two weeks have been super busy- I had two assignments due in this week and one of them particular took me right out of my comfort zone as it involved statistics and data analysis. It has been challenging trying to fit in studying with work and family stuff too and I have to admit that grumpy stressed out Sarah has made an appearance.

Honestly there have been times in the past few days when I have wondered why I am putting myself through this. When my brain hurts and I wake up with words swirling in my head at 4:38 two days on the run and then even after trying my very best I am still not sure that I “did it right.” 

What always helps though is to remember the mantra that I been trying to apply to every aspect of my life for the past couple of years: try your best then let it go.

At work, at home, in my studies and in everything I do, I try to apply this and give myself the grace to not be perfect because one of of the biggest obstacles that I have put in my own path over the years has been perfectionism. 

For a long time I thought only perfect would be good enough and so I almost crushed myself under the weight of the pressure I imposed on myself to be perfect. My perspective changed though when I realised that what makes me truely perfect is that I am imperfect. 

To those who love me, I am perfect just the way I am. They love me for my struggles and stresses, for the times I need to apologise, when I am crying in frustration and when I can’t get the right answer. When I am honest and vulnerable and reveal how I am really feeling and what I am thinking they love me more and this has helped me to embrace my imperfections. I make mistakes constantly, but that’s okay because I am always trying so I keep moving forwards. 

Today I want to encourage you to embrace your own imperfections and recognise that you are always enough-  try your best then let it go!  




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