My milk frother ❤️

All the happiness experts say that the secret to a happier life is not to buy more stuff-and for the most part I agree which is why Rich is still waiting for his new TV (!)  but I have realised that sometimes the right kind of stuff can give a huge boost of happiness so today I want to talk about my milk frother and the joy that it brings to my mornings. 

I bought it about two years ago on a whim and it sat at the back of my kitchen cupboard for months and months next to the donut maker which doesn’t make what I would call donuts so was only used once. I bought it because I love the coffee here in Auckland- it’s so good and my favourite treat, but the cost of it adds up very quickly to be rather expensive. So, when we were saving up for our trip home, I thought I would buy the milk frother from the supermarket to make coffee at home that would be the same. Of course, it wasn’t the same, so the milk frother got relegated to the bottom of the cupboard only to be brought out to make a single hot chocolate last winter. 

A couple of months ago though, when I started using soy milk instead of dairy as part of my gradual shift away from all things animal, I brought out the milk frother on a whim after its power cord got wrapped around the slow cooker cord in the cupboard and as I took out the slow cooker to make soup, I remembered I had it. It was a life changing moment because I very quickly realised that I adore frothy soy milk. It is delicious and on top of even instant coffee it is like a dessert! I am not going to say that it is as good as a shop bought latte because I actually like it more. Yes more. Instant coffee+frothy soy milk=joy in a mug. 

Every morning I wake up and make myself one of these delicious concoctions and all is right in my world. What I have learned from this is that the right stuff can make you happier and inject a jolt of joy into the day so today I want to encourage you to take a look around your home and notice  what you have that injects joy into your day too! 



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