An important lesson 

Although my profession is to teach, no lesson I will ever give will be as valuable as the lessons I have learned as a mother. My girls have taught me how to be resilient, how to be patient and how to be brave and today I had another priceless lesson from my little Lucy.

I was in the shower as she cleaned her teeth and chatted to me at the same time and I was only half listening. She was chatting away telling me all about the teen celebrity that her friends had been talking about at school until all of sudden she stopped. She looked at me through the mirror and said the most beautiful words – “all that really matters is having a family that love you and a place to live and enough money to get what you actually need.”

I was struck in that moment by the simple wisdom of those words and the realisation that she is right. So much of what I am preoccupied with every day does not really matter. So much of what we are all preoccupied with and worry about and stress over does not really matter. If our basic needs are taken care of and we have people in our lives who love us then we are truly blessed. 



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