Wishing everyone a peaceful Christmas 

Christmas morning began with a trip to the beach to try out our new sea kayak and the day has continued with an afternoon snoozing and watching the original Star Wars movies. It is easy to take all I have for granted but as I look around our lounge at this moment I am struck by how blessed I am. I have a husband who loves and supports me unconditionally and we have been gifted two daughters who bring light, joy and love into every single day aswell as our angel child in heaven. 

We have full tummies, a comfortable place to shade from the sun, fresh water and chilled ginger beer to drink. I am sitting here on our lovely comfortable old sofa that travelled half way around the world with us, wearing my favourite yoga pants that have never been worn for yoga and I feel blessed and at peace. I am so grateful for all I have and I couldn’t want anything more.

I know first hand, however, that Christmas can be an exceptionally difficult time and so on this day, as always, my thoughts are with those who are not at peace. If you woke up this morning feeling lost and empty, if you are lonely, angry, hurting or in pain, please know that you are not alone and that you can find peace again. Just hang in there and keep on going because things can and will get better. 

Please remember too that despite the picture perfect images that adorn social media at this time, Christmas is real life so it is never actually perfect. Everyone feels frustrated, sad, grumpy and a bit empty sometimes, even at Christmas, or perhaps especially at Christmas when there is so much pressure to be happy. 

This morning I posted on my personal facebook page some pics of us at the beach using the kayak. It was fabulous, but a more accurate visual representation should have included an image of me dropping my end of the kayak when I was supposed to be helping my injured husband lift it off the roof rack and struggling to actually climb into it while grazing my feet on the rocks. I will also not be sharing any pictures of the sunburn patches we all have in rather odd places because we really struggle to apply sunscreen evenly. After we made it home, we also ate our Christmas ‘lunch’ of pita, salad and left overs while sitting on our lounge floor watching TV because that is just how we do things and that is ok. There was no fancy table setting or elaborate menu in our home. 

However you are celebrating today and wherever you are, whether you are alone, celebrating Christmas with or without your family and friends, I wish you a day of peace. I hope with all my heart that you can be heartened by the message that lies behind the Christmas story and so many of the traditions that have built up around this season –  there is light in the darkness. We might sometimes have to squint hard to see it but it is there.  



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