40 before 40, Thoughts

40 before 40 – a quest 

In January 2019 I will turn 40. I am blessed to have made it this far in years and I am also very proud of how far I have come as a person (both literally and metaphorically) so I have decided to mark this occasion in a special way.

I have carefully put together a special list of 40 challenges to pursue during the year: my 40 before 40 quest. Honestly, it took a while to think of things that are actually important to me and not just challenges that I thought I should include. The temptation was to include sky diving and marathon running but I resisted and made sure that as strange and eclectic as these challenges may appear to others, they all speak loudly and clearly to me. Compiling the list was a challenge but it was also a lot of fun and I would highly recommend this process to everyone! It really helps you to understand yourself a little better and that has to be a good thing!


Many of these challenges will take me out of my comfort zone. Some of them are things I have always wanted to do, other challenges are about reconnecting with activities I enjoyed when I was younger, others are about me taking better care of myself or simply having fun!

I wanted to share my list here and will keep track of my progress via this blog too. I would love any recommendations for books to read to make up my 40 (challenge 15 ) and if you can offer any advice around other challenges, this would also be gratefully received!

40 before 40 
1. Be able to do the splits

2. Travel to a new city

3. Learn how to change a tyre

4. Go camping as a family

5. Go on a boat trip

6. Read the whole Bible

7. Do the Auckland Coast to Coast walk

8. Write an ebook

9. Dye my hair a fun colour

10. Sew myself an item of clothing

11. Tap dance

12. Go to watch a show at the theatre

13. Learn a new language

14. Brush up on my Spanish

15. Read 40 fiction books I haven’t read-  classics

16. Get a massage

17. Knit a scarf

18. Paint a picture

19. Go to the movies on my own

20. Try indoor rock climbing

21. Take a surfing/ paddle boarding lesson

22. Learn ballroom dancing

23. Walk 1000 miles

24. Reduce possessions by 40

25. Have coffee in every coffee shop in Howick

26. Visit a new museum

27. Learn Barista skills

28. Dental MOT

29. Mole Mapping

30. Enter a writing competition

31. Learn how to do makeup properly and conquer my eyebrow phobia

32. Learn how to make really good scones

33. Write 40 thank you notes

34.  Experience sunrise in every season on the deck

35. See a psychic

36. Go to a lecture/ talk about something unrelated to work or my studies

37. 40 random acts of kindness

38. Spend the night with Rich in a fancy hotel and get dressed up for dinner

39. Organise a charity event

40. Drink champagne in celebration of something special!

If you have a milestone coming up in your life that you would like to mark in a special way, think about making your own list of challenges. If you do- I would love to hear all about it!



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