Just watching

Last night I sat with my girls in the lounge and spent time just watching them. They were watching television and as far as they knew so was I, but actually I was watching them. I watched Lucy smile to herself as she snuggled on the sofa in her favourite spot leaning on the armrest. I watched Amy stretch out her long legs, pointing her toes as she always does unconsciously when she is concentrating. As I watched them both my heart just swelled with love. I wondered as I often have since we became parents, just how we got so lucky.

Lately it seems as though our girls are almost growing up before our eyes. Every day that passes sees them inching taller and taller, becoming stronger, braver and more insightful.

Time is passing by and I am reminded each time I look into Amy’s beautiful eyes that she is a teenager now. She is growing up and some day in the not too distant future she will spread her wings and fly away to become the woman she is meant to be. Lucy will of course not be too far behind either as she is always so desperate to do everything Amy is doing as quickly as she can. So I am determined to enjoy every moment of this precious time when my babies still hold my hand and I can kiss them goodnight. I am determined to spend more time just watching them and feeling my heart swell with love and light for it is at times such as this that I feel sure that I know what my life is for.




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