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Reach for the Stars 

When I was a teenager I tried to be cool and to like music that I perceived as cool. I listened to Radiohead and Pearl Jam and desperately tried to love it but all the while I yearned for the kind of pop music that just made me smile.

It was the same with movies to be honest and I tried desperately to like movies that I thought I should like-intellectually stimulating, serious movies that fit with the kind of persona I was trying to create.

As I have grown older, however, I have stopped trying to embrace what I don’t like and instead I am happy to admit that my favourite movies involve little to no intellectual stimulation- the more predictable the romantic comedy is, the better. In short I decided a while ago to just be who I am and stop pretending.

In my life I have grappled with enough deep and dark questions in my own brain that I dislike being presented with deep and dark questions in the name of entertainment. I have never understood why violence and murder can be perceived as entertainment and much prefer to be entertained with happy stories that lift my heart and soothe my spirit. Perhaps because of my tendency to retreat into my box, I like to avoid anything by way of entertainment that will push me further inside myself. Instead I seek out movies that will make me smile, laugh out loud and have a happy ending.

It’s the same with music. Sometimes I admit that I love a good cry to sad songs but for the most part I am drawn to the kind of music that makes me sit up a bit taller, sway slightly from side to side and smile to myself. I particularly love songs with optimistic lyrics and adore the way they make me feel. I am not ashamed to admit that I still love to dance around my house to Steps and S Club 7.

My favourite song playlist is full of retro classics, songs from my teenage years and most of all songs that remind me to be optimistic, to be grateful and to never give up on my dreams- so today I want to finish this post with some words of wisdom from my beloved s Club 7:

Don’t stop, never give up, hold your head high and reach the top!



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