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40 before 40- an update

As the end of May quickly approaches, I thought it would be a good idea to give an update on progress against my 40 before 40 list.

I have managed to check a couple of items off the list completely. I completed the Auckland coast to coast walk with a lovely group of year 10 students and I am also very proud of the scarf I completed last month. I bought the first pair of tap shoes I have had in decades and have been practicing my time steps and shuffles in the kitchen. After an intense search, I have also found a scone recipe that I adore, courtesy of the lovely Mary Berry.

Some of the items on the list are also “in progress”. I am continuing to stretch regularly and am definitely closer to achieving my splits than I have been in a very long time. I downloaded a walking app called Pacer and have been walking regularly and accumulating the steps so this one is well on track. I am also steadily working my way through library books with the hope of completing 40 new books before the big day in January 2019. I have, to date, read 7 so there are many more to go but at least I have made a start and my plans for the winter school holidays in July include reading, coffee and blankets

Continuing the literary theme, I am steadily working my way through the Bible. I have finished the first five books and am now onto Judges although it is proving hard going. It has been rather enlightening to read parts of the Bible that I have never encountered before but there has been more death and violence than I anticipated. I was reading a couple of chapters each night but was finding it hard to get to sleep after reading of whole kingdoms being violently eradicated so I may need to find a different slot in which to schedule Bible reading.

There are several items on the list that I am yet to address but I am hoping to schedule some of them over our winter months. Getting a massage is one to look forward to. Going to the dentist and seeing the skin specialist to get my moles checked is less appealing, but of course, more important. Rich is not keen to join me for ballroom dancing lessons in public, but he was slightly less resistant to the idea of us learning from youtube in our own living room so hopefully that one will start soon. He has also promised to teach me how to change a tyre any time I want. It is just up to me to get motivated enough to set it into the schedule. I was listening to a Spanish podcast but got a bit side tracked so need to get back onto this goal soon, along with choosing another language to learn and actually doing the learning.

I love that our little Lucy has done her own list  – 10 things to do before she is 10. She has nearly checked off all the items and just needs to have a Disney movie marathon to reach her goal. This is something else to look forward to!

There are lots of goals still to work on but overall I am really enjoying the journey towards my 40 before 40 and I would highly recommend it as an experience.

One of the strategies that has helped me to work towards better mental health has been to identify my purpose and the process of setting goals and then consistently working towards them has ensured that when I am bored, feeling lost or sad, there is always something to do. When I am lacking in motivation, I am also inspired by the words below to remember that the best time to work towards my goals is now!

 “Life is short, fragile and does not wait for anyone. There will NEVER be a perfect  to pursue your dreams and goals.”

40 Before 40 - an update (1)


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