A new car 

This week marked the end of an era as we said goodbye to the first car we bought when we arrived in Auckland almost 6 years ago. Demi the Demio drove us from east to west in those early days as we searched for a suburb in the city in which to make our home and in the years since, this car has been a reliable, much loved part of our family. We also had to say goodbye this week to our lovely Tan – the Nissan Dualis that it felt like we almost lived in during the gymnastics years. Both of these cars were well over ten years old and with wear and tear starting to show it was time to trade in both and select something a bit newer.

I always find change a bit difficult and develop attachments to objects that make it hard to part with them, so I will admit that I felt rather teary and guilty as we dropped off Demi and Tan and drove away in our newer car. I also felt very grateful that we have been able to save up for a newer car. There was a time not that long ago that things were not so rosy, when we weren’t able to save money and we didn’t have the luxury of reliable vehicles and so I hope never to take our more stable position for granted.



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