Think. Think. Think again.

At the end of the day yesterday, I spent some time reflecting on how easy it is to fall into a less appreciative mindset towards all aspects of my life but particularly my job. I get paid a decent wage to work with wonderful young people every day. I work with lovely supportive colleagues who never fail to bring sunshine into even the dreariest of days. I get to spend my time discussing concepts and issues that still genuinely intrigue me even after all this time and I am able to spend my work days in a lovely warm, dry and insulated space with a beautiful view from my office window.  I have access to technology and facilities that make my job easier and even a lift that gets me to where I need to be when I am too tired and yet, despite all of these blessings, sometimes I feel grumpy and ungrateful.

A few years ago, I decorated my planning folder with the images and text shown below. The words that always stand out to me are: Think. Think. Think Again. When I pay attention to them, these words remind me to do something as simple as think. They remind me to reflect on just how lucky I am and to challenge less grateful thoughts by thinking again.

One of my favourite acts of balance is to remind myself that someone somewhere is praying for what I have now. It also helps me a lot to remember that it is not so long ago that I was praying for it myself.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing with your days, today I want to encourage you to Think. Think. Think Again. Reflect and think and keep thinking until good things come to mind.

Life is beautiful.  x

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