40 before 40, Thoughts

Theme for the year – Extension 

One of the steps that has really helped me over the past few years is to have mantras, words and phrases that help bring me back to my overall goals and intentions if I am going a bit astray. Almost every day, I remind myself and our girls of the mantra – try your best then let it go and for my naturally perfectionistic self, this has been a very powerful shift. 

Last year my specific theme for the year was adventure, as the purpose of my 40 before 40 project was to try and live a more adventurous life on all levels. I have really enjoyed the process and I am still working through my 40 before 40 goals. After thinking about 2019, I decided that my theme for this year will be extend ~ extension. This is to remind me to continue what I have started over the past year. For example, to extend my knowledge and understanding of Spanish and Polish now that I have spent a few months learning and revising the basics, to continue reading classic literature and working on my splits! 

There are some goals on my 40 before 40 that I have not yet achieved and so this theme for the year is also to remind me to keep going – to extend the time I set for myself and work towards achieving the goals that I really truly want to achieve. 

Adopting this theme for 2019 will also hopefully remind me to keep pushing myself to move beyond what is comfortable and familiar everyday and especially to avoid curling myself up and retreating inside my box. If I feel anxious or low, it always really helps me to take a big deep breath and physically extend myself, walk tall and feel strong and this symbolises how I hope to approach life this year – with my head held high, with strength, determination and purpose. 

If you have set yourself a theme for the year, a set of goals or resolution I would love to hear about it ❤️  

   Wishing you a new year that is filled with love, light and peace. X



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