Lockdown and gratitude

Exams have been cancelled and school physically closed and although I am still remote teaching, now more than ever before I am reminded that it is interacting with students that I love the most about my job. I miss the banter, the smiles and the energy they bring to the classroom which cannot be replicated when I am working at home. When this period of lockdown is over I will definitely appreciate my classroom environment more and pay more attention to the little details that make each work day enjoyable.

When this period of time is over, I will also not be rushing to the shops, the movies or restaurants but to visit the people in my extended circle of family and friends. I am looking forward to visiting my nanny and hugging my parents, sister, brother and nephews and I am also looking forward to sharing random stories and chats with my colleagues over a cup of tea and a biscuit rather than over the internet.

Although lockdown has restricted our movement, we are comfortable in this little cottage and have everything that we really need. As always, I really appreciate my immediate family including our little dog Apollo who is definitely keeping us busy. I am grateful to have such a comfortable house and spacious, safe garden to spend time in and feel so lucky to have access to an almost infinite selection of digital content via Netflix, prime and Disney +. Can you imagine lockdown without the internet!? No video calling, no remote learning, no online ordering, no social media to help foster that sense of community and connection…

Last week with limited supplies available elsewhere, I had a parcel of ‘basics’ delivered from the catering team at work and I was overwhelmingly grateful for the baked beans, flour and rice it contained. I almost cried with joy when it arrived and I hope that when things get back to ‘normal’ and lockdown is over, I will hold on to the feeling that it is a true blessing to have our basic needs taken care of.

It is of course rather boring at times to be locked down but I believe it is also something of a luxury. In the busy-ness of our usual work week, I often wish for space and time just to breathe, just to be…..and now I have it. This is something to be grateful for. A precious chance to reassess, evaluate, connect, cherish and evolve, to try something new and to revisit something old.

 It is also not lost on me that there many many many professionals in the NHS and other key sectors who are working unbelievably hard to keep everything going and who would be very grateful to be so bored. I am more grateful to them than I can say x

He who is contented is rich Lao Zhu










1 thought on “Lockdown and gratitude”

  1. I’m with you!
    I’m so incredibly thankful, and for the little things too.
    Weve recently got disney plus, and its lovely to watch something that’s lighthearted and care free to take you away from reality for a while.
    I miss my family an awful lot too xxx


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