Mindfulness 101

This morning was the first of our Easter school holidays and as she always does in the holidays, when her daddy left for work, Lucy crawled into bed beside me for a cuddle. Snuggling in our pyjamas, I kissed the top of her head and really tried to tune into the moment. "I don't think… Continue reading Mindfulness 101

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#40before40 – A ‘Ta Da’ list of celebration

Tomorrow marks the end of the 40 before 40 challenge I set for myself a year ago. I haven't achieved everything on the list but as I wrote about earlier this month, I have already decided to 'extend' the challenge and continue working on the goals I still want to achieve. Like any aspirational list,… Continue reading #40before40 – A ‘Ta Da’ list of celebration

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Theme for the year – Extension 

One of the steps that has really helped me over the past few years is to have mantras, words and phrases that help bring me back to my overall goals and intentions if I am going a bit astray. Almost every day, I remind myself and our girls of the mantra - try your best… Continue reading Theme for the year – Extension 

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#40before40 – Paint a Picture

When I came up with my 40 before 40 list, I tried to include a mix of goals that were aspirational such as walking 1000 miles and those which on paper should have been easy to accomplish. Painting a picture fell into the latter category but it has taken me nearly the full year though… Continue reading #40before40 – Paint a Picture


Reflections on the end of the school year

There are so many things I love about my job. Sharing time with wonderful colleagues, getting to talk about topics I find endlessly fascinating and the way that the pattern of the school year marks time in such a special way are all high on the list. What I love about my job more than… Continue reading Reflections on the end of the school year


Water and sunshine 

Recently I purchased a tomato seedling from the Enviroment Council at school. Grown by the students from seed in a yoghurt pot, I brought it home determined to give it a good home. I haven't always had the best of luck with plants due to a rather haphazard approach to their care. Lately, however, as… Continue reading Water and sunshine 


Treasures from the past

I was lucky enough recently to receive an extra special parcel through the mail. A lovely relation of mine sent through two old magazines which collectively house a treasure trove of old photographs and advertisements from my home town of Thornton-Cleveleys. As I sat with my girls and we carefully leafed through the pages, I… Continue reading Treasures from the past

Life in New Zealand

Spring Holidays – walking at Kohimarama Beach 

On Monday morning we headed down to the beach for a stroll. It was a bit cloudy but the sun poking through the clouds was just beautiful. I love the beach and being by the ocean is absolutely my favourite thing to do. It isn't quite the weather for braving the water yet and dipping… Continue reading Spring Holidays – walking at Kohimarama Beach 


Simple money project #5 use it up & wear it out

Once upon a time a busy mum opened up the pantry to find 7 jars of pasta sauce but no pasta. She got into the shower to wash her hair to find no shampoo but four bottles of different hair conditioners lurking at her feet. Today in the Simple Money Project, I want to share… Continue reading Simple money project #5 use it up & wear it out