Simple Money project #4 Get serious about saving

I am often impulsive and usually stubborn and so saving money was not something that came naturally to me as I grew up, even though my parents and grandparents modelled frugality and prioritised experiences over things. Over the past few years, however, working towards greater intentionality and purpose has  made a positive difference to my… Continue reading Simple Money project #4 Get serious about saving


Simple Money Project #3 Identify your values

Today I want to encourage you to carefully reflect on what it is that you value. Work out what is important to you and then you can start to align your spending with the values and priorities you have as a family. One of our favourite treats is a visit to the coffee shop and… Continue reading Simple Money Project #3 Identify your values


Think. Think. Think again.

At the end of the day yesterday, I spent some time reflecting on how easy it is to fall into a less appreciative mindset towards all aspects of my life but particularly my job. I get paid a decent wage to work with wonderful young people every day. I work with lovely supportive colleagues who… Continue reading Think. Think. Think again.


Simple Money project #2: Pay yourself first

As we have become more purposeful with our money, one of the strategies that we have found particularly helpful is to pay ourselves first. When we first started being intentional and trying to save, we aimed to save any money that was left over at the end of the month but there was rarely any… Continue reading Simple Money project #2: Pay yourself first


My type of prayer

In my life I have had an interesting relationship with prayer. As the new girl at Catholic school aged 5, prayer made me feel like an outsider as all my classmates recited the ‘Hail Mary’ as one and I had no idea what they were doing or what they were saying. As I grew older, prayer… Continue reading My type of prayer


Simple Money Project #1: Goals

Over the past few years I have learned the value of setting an intention when it comes to money and today I want to help you do the same. For a long time, we did not have any goals as far as finance was concerned. Unbelievably I wasn't even aiming to pay off my overdraft… Continue reading Simple Money Project #1: Goals


Introducing the Simple Money Project

It is fair to say that it has taken me a long time to get to grips with money. When I was a student I would say a little prayer every time I visited the cash machine because I was never confident that there would actually be enough money in the account left over from… Continue reading Introducing the Simple Money Project


A photo challenge 

This week, I would like to set a challenge to everyone reading this, so if you are up for a challenge, read on..... Yesterday morning I headed out for an early morning to catch the sunrise. It was beautiful to be down on Eastern Beach as the sky started to light up with shafts of… Continue reading A photo challenge 


Getting to know you

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I cut my own hair. Yes I know this is not the best idea but once I decide that I need a haircut it’s like I can’t rest until it has been cut. This has led me into some interesting situations at questionable salons that just happen to… Continue reading Getting to know you

40 before 40, Life in New Zealand

40 before 40- coffee shop challenge

Number 25 on my 40 before 40 list = Drink coffee in every coffee shop in Howick. Our love affair with lattes began almost 13 years ago when on a trip to Toronto in chilly October, we popped into assorted coffee shops to keep warm as we explored the city. Ever since, coffee shops have been… Continue reading 40 before 40- coffee shop challenge