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#40before40 – Paint a Picture

When I came up with my 40 before 40 list, I tried to include a mix of goals that were aspirational such as walking 1000 miles and those which on paper should have been easy to accomplish. Painting a picture fell into the latter category but it has taken me nearly the full year though… Continue reading #40before40 – Paint a Picture

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An interesting day out in the city

Today we went on an adventure into central Auckland and visited the BODY WORLDS Vital Exhibition. Knowing that the exhibition includes over 150 human body specimens we were not sure what to expect but it was a great experience. It was amazing to get a greater insight into the way our bodies work and very… Continue reading An interesting day out in the city

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A thought-provoking trip to the Museum 

Yesterday was the first day of the school holidays and we woke up to torrential rain so we decided to go and visit the Museum. Auckland residents get a free pass to the Museum so we we have been on a few occasions before, but were particularly excited to see the visiting Anne Frank exhibition.… Continue reading A thought-provoking trip to the Museum 

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Living a simple life. It sounds simple and surely it should be simple - but what does it actually mean? One of my recurring goals for at least the past 10 years has been to “simplify my life” but I am still not exactly sure what it is that I really want to achieve. Fourteen… Continue reading Simplification 


Striving to be a super woman – not Superwoman

Being a mummy is the most important  job I have and it's also the one that I worry about the most. I worry constantly about the decisions we have made and the effect they will have had on our girls. Was it the right thing to move them to the other side of the world?… Continue reading Striving to be a super woman – not Superwoman

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Stuck in traffic 

Lately I have spent a lot of time in traffic. My commute into the city is easily taking an hour most mornings and I spend a lot of time not moving at all. My natural tendency is to get stressed out when I am stuck like this as I worry about being late for work,… Continue reading Stuck in traffic 


Chase your goal and don’t give up…

If you have a big goal for yourself- I want to encourage you to pursue it. Don't be afraid to chase what it is you really want because only you know what that really is. I have always wanted to be a psychologist - even before I really knew what it was, it was just… Continue reading Chase your goal and don’t give up…