Striving to be a super woman – not Superwoman

Being a mummy is the most important  job I have and it's also the one that I worry about the most. I worry constantly about the decisions we have made and the effect they will have had on our girls. Was it the right thing to move them to the other side of the world?… Continue reading Striving to be a super woman – not Superwoman

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Stuck in traffic 

Lately I have spent a lot of time in traffic. My commute into the city is easily taking an hour most mornings and I spend a lot of time not moving at all. My natural tendency is to get stressed out when I am stuck like this as I worry about being late for work,… Continue reading Stuck in traffic 


Chase your goal and don’t give up…

If you have a big goal for yourself- I want to encourage you to pursue it. Don't be afraid to chase what it is you really want because only you know what that really is. I have always wanted to be a psychologist - even before I really knew what it was, it was just… Continue reading Chase your goal and don’t give up…

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Why I love to be outside 

Today I want to share something very simple - the restorative power of fresh air and waves. Since we moved here, I have remembered how much I used to love being outside when I was a little girl and I have embraced it. I love running on sand, paddling in the sea, playing on swings… Continue reading Why I love to be outside 

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Why I don’t find anti-Trump memes very funny…

When I was 15 I had to write an autobiography for an English assignment. I started it off by describing my appearance in a way that only someone with serious body confidence issues would. I described my greasy skin, very wobbly bits, big nose and lank hair so vividly and with such rawness that I recall… Continue reading Why I don’t find anti-Trump memes very funny…

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Why being bored is good for you 

We are currently in the middle of our long school holiday here in Auckland. I am feeling super relaxed, have been sleeping better than I have in years and feel as though the holidays have stretched on forever and I want to share the reason why. Normally by now, my days would have been filled… Continue reading Why being bored is good for you 

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What are your goals for 2017?

I have always admired the character of Josephine March in Little Women. When I was a little girl I took great solace in her confession that she was hopelessly flawed and was inspired by her honest and very real struggle to be the person she really wanted to be. It is a struggle that I… Continue reading What are your goals for 2017?

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A light in the darkness 

I know first hand that Christmas is not always a season of joy. When you are suffering with depression, the pressure to be happy and festive can be a challenging burden to carry. Social gatherings can be a nightmare to navigate when you are struggling with anxiety and the abundance of food, feasting and alcohol… Continue reading A light in the darkness