Introducing the Simple Money Project

It is fair to say that it has taken me a long time to get to grips with money. When I was a student I would say a little prayer every time I visited the cash machine because I was never confident that there would actually be enough money in the account left over from… Continue reading Introducing the Simple Money Project

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Four steps towards contentment 

Consumer culture tells us that we always need more. What we have is not enough. Who we are is not enough. I spent a long time thinking that I could only start to really live my life and embrace it, once I improved myself to the point where I was 'acceptable'. I was unhappy and… Continue reading Four steps towards contentment 

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The 5 simple financial principles that have brought us peace

    Since moving here to New Zealand, we have adopted a more purposeful and intentional approach to our family finances. We are still a work in progress and do not claim to be experts by any means but we have come such a long way and have learned so much. We are no longer… Continue reading The 5 simple financial principles that have brought us peace

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Living a simple life. It sounds simple and surely it should be simple - but what does it actually mean? One of my recurring goals for at least the past 10 years has been to “simplify my life” but I am still not exactly sure what it is that I really want to achieve. Fourteen… Continue reading Simplification