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Head stands and bridges

It is easy to take our body for granted and focus on what we would love to change about it, but more fun to embrace it and focus on what you wouldn't change for the world! I had a difficult relationship with my body for a long time. For years and I literally mean years,… Continue reading Head stands and bridges


New Year’s Eve reflections 

As 2017 draws to an end, it's helpful to reflect on how far you have come this year on your journey. Whatever this year has brought you in terms of experiences, you are stronger and wiser than you were this time last year and that is something to be proud of.  Challenges help us grow… Continue reading New Year’s Eve reflections 


Wishing everyone a peaceful Christmas 

Christmas morning began with a trip to the beach to try out our new sea kayak and the day has continued with an afternoon snoozing and watching the original Star Wars movies. It is easy to take all I have for granted but as I look around our lounge at this moment I am struck… Continue reading Wishing everyone a peaceful Christmas 


What does this season mean to you? 

This will be the fourth Christmas we will spend in New Zealand and for the first time the beautiful calm sunny days are actually making me feel festive! I have been watching my favourite old snowy Christmas films and have been listening to Bing Crosby singing about a white Christmas since October, but the warmth… Continue reading What does this season mean to you?