Simple Money Project #3 Identify your values

Today I want to encourage you to carefully reflect on what it is that you value. Work out what is important to you and then you can start to align your spending with the values and priorities you have as a family. One of our favourite treats is a visit to the coffee shop and… Continue reading Simple Money Project #3 Identify your values


Think. Think. Think again.

At the end of the day yesterday, I spent some time reflecting on how easy it is to fall into a less appreciative mindset towards all aspects of my life but particularly my job. I get paid a decent wage to work with wonderful young people every day. I work with lovely supportive colleagues who… Continue reading Think. Think. Think again.


My type of prayer

In my life I have had an interesting relationship with prayer. As the new girl at Catholic school aged 5, prayer made me feel like an outsider as all my classmates recited the ‘Hail Mary’ as one and I had no idea what they were doing or what they were saying. As I grew older, prayer… Continue reading My type of prayer


A photo challenge 

This week, I would like to set a challenge to everyone reading this, so if you are up for a challenge, read on..... Yesterday morning I headed out for an early morning to catch the sunrise. It was beautiful to be down on Eastern Beach as the sky started to light up with shafts of… Continue reading A photo challenge 


Getting to know you

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I cut my own hair. Yes I know this is not the best idea but once I decide that I need a haircut it’s like I can’t rest until it has been cut. This has led me into some interesting situations at questionable salons that just happen to… Continue reading Getting to know you


Adventurous embarrassment 

This week Lucy and I have embraced 'adventure' which is the word I selected for this year. Rooted by circumstances to spend most days in West Auckland, we have tried to make our own adventures, exploring new places and trying new things. The week has tested us both at times and has been tiring but… Continue reading Adventurous embarrassment 

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Forgive yourself

What is your biggest success and biggest failure? In a discussion around the nature of success with my Year 9 students, they asked me this question. After some consideration, I replied as honestly as I could that in essence my biggest success has also been the source of my biggest failure: my family. They were… Continue reading Forgive yourself