Life in New Zealand

Beautiful skies 

I have always been lucky enough to live by the coast. Walking on the beach just breathing and looking out on the water never fails to bring me peace. Just hearing the sounds of the ocean help me to recharge and refocus. Now we live in Auckland, we are blessed to be surrounded by water and very fortunate to live just a few minutes drive away from Bucklands Beach.

Once of our favourite things to do is to park up and walk from little Bucklands Beach where this picture was taken to the Marina at Half Moon Bay where there are some lovely coffee shops and a deli that sells very tasty gelato.

Yesterday we took a walk in late afternoon so it was a bit late for coffee but the perfect time to spot fish. There were heaps of them flickering about in the water and skirting the rocks, made visible because the water was so still and peaceful.

It was also the perfect time to capture in an image a sky that seemed full of mystery and promise. So beautiful.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, I hope you find time to relax and be at peace x


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