Growing pains

Being a mum is the most precious role I will ever have, but it is also the most challenging. I constantly worry that I am doing the right thing and saying the right thing and it is only getting harder instead of easier as my girls grow older and face different, more complex challenges. When my girls are hurting, feel rejected or lost, my instinct is to try and fix it, to wrap them up in a big hug and protect them, but what I have been learning lately is that there are some things that I cannot fix, at least not right now.

Growing up is hard, even when you are 38.

I try my best but know that I make mistakes every. single. day so today I decided to just tell it straight and admitted to my girls that I am winging it, that I have no idea really what I am doing, although I am doing my best to be guided by love.

I used to imagine that as a mum, I would invariably know the right thing to say and do and like Marmee in my beloved Little Women I would be always wise, poised and calm. In reality, I am often either lost for words or say too much. I push when I should just listen and I challenge when I should just nod in understanding. I am learning every day to be more patient and be guided by love but in the meantime any advice around parenting teen and tween girls would be greatly appreciated.




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