Staying out of the box 

This week I have been really struggling to stay out of my box. I’m tired, I have had a virus that I have been struggling to shake off and I have been feeling pretty frustrated with work and the endless traffic I have to navigate to get there and back. 

It has been rather like an endurance race this week and I have tried everything I know to get through it and cross the finish line. I have listened to music, prayed, read tons of inspiring quotes and made lists of all I have to be grateful for.

It has been a challenging week but now as it draws to a close I feel proud of my battle. Not so long ago I would have given in, climbed into my box and hid inside until things improved. The fact that I have been fighting against it fills me with pride and encourages me to stay out of the box.

I am determined. I am stronger than I often think I am and I know I will get through it and come through the other side. 

To other people who struggle with their own boxes, who face a daily challenge to resist the dark clouds of depression, I say keep fighting. Fight against the oppressive forces in your own head that tell you to run away and hide, that tell you to give up, that you are useless, that there is no point to your life. Take back the power. You are worth more than you know. Your life is a precious gift. You are a precious gift. 



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